Monday, November 16, 2009

Recruitment and Job Openings For Tactical Operators


We will very shortly be announcing our recruitment program for some recent job openings. We are expanding our reach across the Globe to fight on with our Tactical endeavors. We have seen the face of adversity and we are straining to push against the tyranny of our enemy. The Brown Water Tactical Group is an elite group and has a strenous and rigous requirements. If you think that you may have the stuff to be a Brown Water Tactical Operator or Instructor Then Prepare NOW!! Details on Application will be available by the end of November.

BWT will be having initiation interviews for TRAINEE Registration Coming soon. This is one of the most highly anticipated events in the Tactical Dark Operations World.

All Operator TRAINEEs must be properly attired and have proper recorder capabilities in order to ensure proper and accurate debriefing materials for authentication. All materials will be Classified under the BWT Dirty Top Secret Status. which is a higher level than CIA TOP secret.

Once you become a recruit you will be brought in and begin the teachings and philosophy of one of the Chief Founders Tom Brownwater. He is know as TB around the world, most think it was due to initials of his name but it is actually due to his Two Bellies. He has what he calls a Survival Belly. He learned everything directly from his Grandpa an old Tribal Indian of the Irapahoe Nation.

A true Brown Water Tactical Operator will master the sneaking techniques and artful FUBAR maneuvers.

This is Step 1 in a Trainees life
Accomplishment of the Art will lead to the ability to purchase BWT basic T-Shitr

Thanks and Good luck

Operator Recruitment Leader

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